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The SPL10 Snow Pusher is available in 60", 72", and 84" with a 24" x 24" box, 10 gauge moldboard, and 1/4" sides. Both models come with optional steel or poly blade, optional pull back and replaceable skid shoes. The SPL10 skid shoes are manufactured from abrasion resistant AR400 steel.

  • Universal quick-attach hitch: Quick and easy to hook-up. Fits tractor loaders with a universal quick-attach hitch.
  • 1/4" Heavy side panels: Built heavy to handle the tough jobs.
  • Bracing on side panels and back: Reinforces side panels and back for a stronger unit.
  • 1/4" Formed back plate at blade mount: Makes for a strong moldboard.
  • Reversible skid shoes: Skid shoes wear faster at the leading edge. Skid shoes that can be reversed will last longer than non-reversible skid shoes.
  • Replaceable skid shoes: Skid shoes can be replaced before side panels start to wear on the bottom edge.
  • Skid shoes are constructed of AR400 steel: Abrasion resistant material extends wear life.
  • Working width: 84"
  • Capacity (approximate): 30 ft3
  • Weight with rubber blade: 376 lbs
  • Weight with steel blade: 410 lbs
  • Weight of pull back option: 142 lbs
  • Horsepower range: 25-40 HP
  • Operating weight of carrier: 3,000 lbs. Maximum
  • Lift capacity of carrier: 1,200 lbs. Maximum at pivot pins
  • Hitch type: Universal quick-attach hitch
  • Skid shoes: AR400 1/2" x 4" reversible & replaceable
  • Moldboard thickness: 10 Ga.
  • Side panel thickness: 1/4"
  • Rubber blades (option): 1" x 8" Rubber with adjusting slots; Reversible and replaceable blade
  • Steel blades (option): 1/2" x 6" Reversible and replaceable blade(s)
  • Pull back (option): 1/2" x 4 3/8" Steel blade
  • Orange marker (accessory): 28" Tall, bolts to the side panels
Options & Accessories
  • Adjustable rubber blade: The blade can be adjusted down as it wears to extend its life.
  • Reversible rubber or steel blades: The blades can be reversed to extend life fo the blades.
  • Replaceable rubber or steel blades: The blades can be replaced to extend the life of the Snow Pusher.
  • Pull back with 1/2" weld-on steel blade: Used to pull snow away from structures such as garage doors.
  • 28" High orange marker (Accessory): Assist in locating outer ends of the Snow Pusher when approaching buildings, trees, poles, and other obstacles that can damage equipment.



Plowing Width
84 in.
With rubber blade: 376 lb.; With steel blade: 410 lb.

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